Riding Bikes, Raising Awareness, and Drinking Beers

August 13, 2022 | Uncategorized
Riding Bikes, Raising Awareness, and Drinking Beers

Work up a sweat, then cool off with an ice-cold beer. With this Gears & Beers event! 

Every Monday night, a group bike ride is hosted around downtown Fort Lauderdale from 7:30 pm – 9 pm. 

No tickets or reservations are required! Just show up around 7 pm at the Tarpon River Brewery, to roll out at 7:30 pm. 

The ride moves between 8 – 12 mph, so that means all levels of bike riders are welcome to participate! Be sure to arrive around 7 pm, as the ride begins promptly at 7:30 sharp. If anyone is interested in having a beer before the ride, it is recommended to arrive at or before 7 pm. Then, the ride gets back to the brewery around 9 pm. Perfect time to order a post-ride meal and drink. 

The purpose of this ride, aside from an excuse to drink on a Monday night, is to promote bike awareness in South Florida. 

A few rules to follow include- wearing a helmet, bringing bike lights, staying within the lane of the group, participating in group communication (“Left turn,” “Car up,” “Pothole,” etc… ), and respecting the rules of the road.